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Most Entrepreneurs and Medical Providers have exceptional skills in the area of the business or practice they are creating;  However, most Entrepreneurs and Medical Providers also lack many skills and knowledge necessary to build, and operate a successful business or practice.  Although the Entrepreneur or Medical Provider has the passion, drive, intelligence, and hard work necessary to grow a business or practice, they lack the knowledge and experience in these other areas to allow them to turn their knowledge into a successful business or practice.

According to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 bright, intelligent, passionate Entrepreneurs with great ideas will start a new business, and that business will fail within the first 18 months of operation.


The reason so many businesses fail early in their existence, is the result of not having sufficient financial and / or human resources to support the Entrepreneur or Medical Provider in those areas where they lack the skills necessary to succeed.

Success is not by accident. It takes hard work, passion, great intensity, intelligence, a good plan and a great team committed to your success. 


Arthur Mandell  has the educational background and over twenty years of real world experience necessary to assist the Entrepreneur or Medical Provider in these critical areas of business development and operation.  By understanding and being able to see the relationship of these various areas Mr. Mandell is able to provide a fresh look and constructive ideas to improve the business or practice performance.  His experience and knowledge will guide the Entrepreneur or Medical Provider through the process of building a successful business or practice, while eliminating or minimizing many of the risks and possible bad decisions which occur in all businesses or medical practices.  


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